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   As the FIRST company to combine such advanced design elements as neck-thru-body construction, low-impedance pickups, on-board pre-amps, active tonal circuitry, exotic woods and brass hardware   - along with TOTAL instrument customizing  - ALEMBIC not only invented the genre of the hand-crafted, high-performance electric solid-body guitar and bass, but has continually set the standard for it's "state-of-the-art" since 1972... and rack pre-amps since 1969!
   As both a player AND a retailer, I have yet to encounter another company as totally committed to the absolutely highest standards of quality, innovation and attention to detail as ALEMBIC is; and as such, to best be in the position to fulfill every musician's dream: to own an instrument as personal and perfect as is humanly possible!  
   And THAT is why... ALEMBIC is the ONLY brand I sell!

                                Respecting the Groove,

                                Will Gunn, Bassist

                                (and ALEMBIC owner/player since 1976)